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Why you should sell on Facebook from your website in the UK – and how Shopify can make this easier


If you are involved in online retail then you have probably noticed some changes that have been happening over the last few years, and the biggest one is probably the fact that social media is now more important than ever when it comes to ecommerce. Whether you are just choosing to market on social media or use it as another channel on which to sell your products online, there is definitely a lot of potential in that are that you should really delve in. If you are unsure about why you should sell on Facebook with your website in the UK, then make sure you keep on reading because we are going to give you three really great reasons.


Simple and free

First of all, if you don’t want to get involved in selling through social media because you think it will be too complicated, then we are here to tell you that is definitely not the case. Integrating Facebook to your Shopify website will only take the downloading of one app from the Shopify App store and just a few clicks to set everything up.

Online store

Once you are done with that process you will have a Store tab on your Facebook Business Page where you will have all of your products from the Shopify website and your customers will be able to shop from there. Something else that we didn’t mention is that this app is completely free which means that you won’t have any expenses either, and if you ask us simple and free are two worlds that every business owner wants to hear when it comes to starting a new sales strategy.

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You get the benefits of both world

Facebook is a very popular social media network in the UK, so to sell on Facebook from your website is something that makes a lot of sense. The best thing about working with two of the best platforms out there, Facebook and Shopify is the fact that you will get the best of both worlds. When it comes to Facebook, you will get a huge audience to sell to and thanks to the way that Facebook works, you will be able to easily find your target audience and sell directly to them.

Facebook is also a very image-oriented platform so you will be able to really showcase your products on there as well as on your ecommerce. Then there are the benefits you will get from Shopify, and we have to say that there many of them. But probably the past part is that you will get all of the reports, the inventory and customer data management, sales analytics and so on. This isn’t something that you could get by only working with Facebook and something that will really help you get the most out of your business.

You can be selective

If you have already done all of the necessary research and you know which products would sell better on Facebook and which are better off only on your ecommerce website, then selling on Facebook with your own website is a style of retail that will let you choose what you want to sell and where. When you are working with two platforms you can choose and be selective about which products you want to sell on Facebook and they will automatically update from the Shopify to the Facebook store.

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This is also a great way for you test out the waters and see whether selling on Facebook is something that your business will benefit from at all.

If you want to succeed with your business then you need to be opened to new strategies and implement them to your working and getting involved in social media is a great way for you to do it in a full proof way. We hope that you will consider to sell on Facebook from your website thanks to this article and that you can now see why you should do it for your business in the UK.