Social Media Marketing & Selling for Beginners in India: Which Platforms Are Right for You

With so many social networks, it is difficult to know where to start! Read and discover which platforms are right for your new brand in India!


Whether you are new to social media selling or marketing, there is no arguing about the incredible opportunities it brings.

According to the latest research, one-third of consumers love the idea of connecting with businesses and brands on social media instead personally or phone. This means only one thing – a huge opportunity for brands.

With so many social networks, it is difficult to know where to start. Experts agree that you should start with one, master it, and move on to another. The question is – where to start?


You should start with a social media marketing strategy, suitable for your Indian-based business, your audience, and your goals. In other words, the strategy should identify your target audience, define your goals, provide competitive analysis, and determine which types of content are suitable for which networks.


Here is a breakdown of the most popular social media networks in India and how brands can use them:


  • Facebook: Facebook is definitely a go-to network. It represents a wide range of demographics, making it suitable for retailers of any kind. The only group you might not be able to reach is the 65+ group. You can use Facebook to create Facebook events to promote your products or in-store news, run Facebook ads to offer exclusive deals and offers, share content about your newest arrivals, engage with your Facebook followers, and more.
  • Twitter: Twitter is more focused on a younger audience, under the age of 49. According to experts, if you don’t have much to say or you simply don’t know how to get in conversations, Twitter is not the best social medium for you. A few ways retailers can use Twitter are to manage customer service issues, promote the latest news and updates at your store, and respond to queries.
  • Instagram: This is a highly visual social medium, so if you don’t have quality content, this might not be the best platform for you. Brands in the cosmetics, fashion, and food industry do well on Instagram. When using Instagram, you can send your products to popular bloggers or influencers and ask them to promote your brand, create a gallery of photos and videos, create visually appealing content, and connect with customers on a friendly level.
  • Pinterest: The user base on Pinterest is dominated by females, so if you are targeting male consumers, this might not be the best social medium for you. Many users come to this platform to find inspiration, check out the trends, and shop. It is the ideal place to promote your products.


Regardless of which social medium you use for your new business located in India, it all comes down to what works for your brand and helps you accomplish your goals!

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